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By Hongwei Liu | 16 April 2018 | 93520 Comments

Electric micro-needles, 12-pin, 36-pin, nano-needles---three microneedles needles I have

Disinfection before using microneedles! Disinfection must be done! Disinfection must be done! !

Please do as important things. On Youtobe,the girls casually search a lot.

OK, here's what I started right now.

I have not used the wheel, I will not say more, the landlord is electric micro needle.

Because we have to acne the pox, we have to resist the old and white (yes, I'm worse than myself,

Tossing a slip away, it is natural to have anti-aging age. So the needle has chosen three kinds,

They are: 12 needles, 36 needles, and nano needles.

Electric micro-needles to buy their own home to fly on the line, this thing is not so complicated, some of the best exquisite workmanship, of course,

It is recommended to buy the kind of wireless, the operation is more convenient, not the trouble of the cable back and forth

The choice of needle is still very important. I mainly talk about this part below.




The needle is relatively thick and its arrangement is also sparse. It is very destructive and the microneedle principle is not complicated.

Destroys skin tissue, stimulates collagen hyperplasia and makes newly grown skin smoother.

I have always dealt with the problem of large pores and obvious acne pits. I didn't use anesthetics when I was doing it. It really hurts.

In particular, when I adjust to 1.5CM, I'm done with tears in my thin skin and it will bleed.

Therefore, ready for medical gauze, you can rub at any time, it is recommended that all girls who do not resist pain should start with a cream.

It will make this process less unpleasant, and it will be better to persist in the later period. I used once a week in the previous period,

It will be used once in about two weeks, about ten times or so, and the effect will be very good. With appropriate drugs,

The pores have become significantly smaller, and the pimples have also become lighter, which is definitely what others can see.

But this thing does not happen overnight. If you have problems, do it regularly.

I am now using the 12 needles directly after the water to make regular reinforcements.




This needle is thinner than the 9-pin one, and it is arranged densely, mainly for clearing.

Because my skin is easier to clog and easy to plug the skin, using a little oil, a little thicker skin care products

On the second day, you can afford the red and big pox, and the skin texture is generally difficult to change.

We can find a solution to the problem. It is good.

This is really tangled up for me with anti-aging needs. Why?

Because less smear is not acne, but the anti-aging effect is not!

So I regularly use it to make pores to clear, not to mention, really less pox.

I usually use it once every 2 weeks, about 1CM, and the pain is much smaller than the 9-pin one.

If the adjustment is too long, it will bleed, for example, 2CM or so. If it's short, I basically don't have anything to do, it's done more red.

Do you not use cream, I do not need to, if the girl is particularly afraid of pain, but also to prepare a more secure.




After my skin is getting better, I use nano needles to introduce medicines into my old age.

It can feel the firmness of the skin more clearly than when using only skin care products. I'm all tuned to about 1CM,

Really do not hurt, of course, adjust the length according to their degree of tolerance, where there are pores,

I will adjust to 1.5CM. This product has the biggest benefit for me.

That is basically the first day after the completion of the first day can be restored, not red is not swollen, really no recovery period ah!

So now I always have it.

These three needles together with targeted dispensing basically solve most of my problems.


It took more than 1 year, many people asked me how the skin changes so much? Acne and acne have gone,

Acne pit pores are small, of course, the skin will look a lot smoother, HAHA.

However, the large pores and pox pits are obviously much smaller than before, but they are barely visible after 1 meter.

I can still get a glimpse of it when I'm near, but I haven’t pointed out that it will disappear in half a year and a year after I’ve been in acne pits for 10 years.

I’m very satisfied with this level

If the girls are not as problematic as me, they can choose one or two according to their needs.

By the way, there were girls who asked me how old I could use it. There was no specific limit to this thing.

Solve the problem, as long as the method is chosen correctly.

Anyway, a girl with good skin wouldn’t think of using a waterless family.

Need to use is also because the skin has a problem to find a solution.

So if you see the problem above me, then you can use it, the effect did not run!

As for peony, it's best for you. In the next post, I summarize the products I used.

For everyone's reference, today's time is too tight to write. Like to see, do not like to skip it.

The girl in question welcomes everyone to leave a message, I must give my biggest advice!wink

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